Online foreign trade salesman

2017-12-14 Chengdu Several

Post duties:

1. through the Alibaba, foreign exhibitions and other channels, enquiry processing, inquiry registration, inquiry and follow-up work.

2. precipitating customer resource development: deep development and follow-up of customer resources.

3. actively develop customer resources: make good use of various external tools to develop potential customer resources and guide customer needs to carry out sales work.

4. import and export order processing, to ensure delivery according to customer requirements;

5. the promotion of customer sales and the communication of dissent;

6. record and analysis of related business.

Requirements for office:

1. Junior college or above, English, international trade and sales related major are preferred.

2 or 1 years working experience in foreign trade related fields;

3. Familiar with the process of foreign trade and order management, with solid basic knowledge in related fields.

4, over 4 in English, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

5. Strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility and compression

6. The Alibaba platform has at least one year's experience